I CREATE SPACES where Black and brown children feel seen, valued, and heard.

Creating inclusive and equitable spaces is important, and families play a significant role. I remain intentional about my mission to empower families and educators with the tools to support and uplift children from diverse backgrounds.


I love interacting with my readers! My visits include a book reading, Q&A, and engaging interaction. Several options are offered for bringing me to your school or organization for an author visit.


As an author and neurodiversity advocate, I am passionate about empowering families and educators with the tools to promote diversity.

My discussion topics are centered around the importance of building diverse libraries and empowering others with valuable tools to implement them.


Bridging the Gap: Disparities in Autism

Bridging the Gap: Disparities in Autism

Imagine a world where every child, regardless of their background, has access to timely and accurate autism diagnosis and treatment. A world where no child falls through the cracks. Unfortunately, we are far from that ideal, as disparities in autism diagnosis and...