Liam’s First Cut

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It’s rare to find a story with an autistic protagonist who embraces neurodiversity and celebrates the joy of being a child.  Liam’s First Cut highlights the dynamic between a father and son, normalizing what it looks like to be autistic. Follow Liam as he prepares for his first visit to the barbershop by using support from his family and community to manage his expectations and process all he encounters.

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In her debut children’s book, Liam’s First Cut, Taye Jones weaves together the beauty of fatherhood, community, and neurodiversity as Liam, an autistic Black boy,  gets ready for a day he’s been anticipating for quite some time.  Liam takes readers on a journey as he approaches a major milestone and uses support to help prepare for his first visit to the barbershop.

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10 reviews for Liam’s First Cut

  1. Krista Leale

    I am a school based Speech Language Pathologist. I am planning to use Liam’s First Cut to address all of my students’ various goals. The book includes rich vocabulary, varied sentence structures, different lingusitic concepts, an array of emotions, a seamless embedding of regulation strategies, great dialogue, family and community themes, and presents authentic and positive experiences of the identities represented. The illustrations are beautiful. I can’t wait to share this book with my students!

  2. Shanae

    We absolutely loved this book. A wonderful and necessary read! I look forward to more from Liam.

    • tayejones

      Thank you so much! Happy to hear your family loved Liam

  3. Ms. Lee

    This book is super cute and has great illustrations!! I am a Pre-K Special Ed Teacher and love having books that include diversity and can relate to my students in my class. The story is inspiring and encourages my students to be brave like Liam!! This book will be added to my library for everyone to enjoy!!

    • tayejones

      Thank you Ms. Lee for adding Liam to your classroom library!

  4. Tara

    As a fellow speech-language pathologist, I am always looking for quality diverse books to use with my students. This real-life tale was perfect! It created so many language opportunities and talking points all throughout the book! I loved the illustrations, the different themes that were woven throughout, and the relatability to the whole story.

    I’m so happy to be able to support an amazing SLP like Shontaye and I’m so proud to have this book displayed in my therapy room ❤️

    • tayejones

      Thank you Tara for sharing your feedback! I am grateful to know that Liam’s First Cut holds a space in your therapy room.

  5. Lauren Gehringer

    I really enjoyed this lovely book. More importantly, my 5 year old did, too & was completely invested from cover to cover. I love how author Taye Jones conveys empathy for her main character, likely to be noted by any child hearing or reading it. Beyond a great way to ease anxiety lots of children experience with getting a hair cut, this book features an autistic main character (which I haven’t come across in many children’s books), and broad-ranging examples of loving caregiving by parents, educators & others in Liam’s life.

    • tayejones

      I love that you and your 5 year old enjoyed the book. It’s so nice to see that you recognize the diversity and inclusivity of this book. Thank you so much!

  6. Wendy Thompson

    The students in Room 202 of the A.Harry Moore School would like to submit the following review of “Liam’s First Cut”.

    Shenoda- Thank you, for the book. It made me happy! I liked it because it was a good book about getting a haircut.

    Ahmed- I like to get haircuts so this book made me happy. It reminded me of when I got my hair cut. Ms. Taye Jones made me happy.

    Jai’Vese- I like this book because I recently got a haircut and Liam reminds me of myself. When my Mom does my hair it kind of hurts, but when I go to the barber shop it doesn’t. Ms. Taye Jones, it was a great book and I’m glad you read it to us.

    Dylan- Ms. Taye, I liked the book. I like getting haircuts, too.

    • tayejones

      Thank you Ms. Thompson and students of Room 202. It makes me happy that this book made YOU happy! Thank you for being a great audience and for allowing me to share this story with you.

  7. Paysley

    Must buy! Thank you for representing Black children with disabilities

  8. Eric Troy

    Amazing book. My kids love it

  9. Patty

    The book I needed for my son! We used this to get ready for our first haircut and it was perfect. My son and daughter loved it and love Liam. Thank you for this story!

  10. Marissa

    Loved it. My kids have been requesting this book at bedtime nonstop!

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